Our call for a concerted government statement and action to offer support to Nigerian Government over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls being held hostage. #BringBackOurGirlsUK
Please support by signing our petition for their rescue

May 5 2014: We are calling for an official response from the UK government to the mass abduction at gunpoint of about 200+ girls in the remote town of Chibok in Nigeria’s northeastern state of Borno.
The schoolgirls were stolen from their boarding school sometime between 11pm on April 14th and the early hours of April 15th as they were preparing to sit for their West African school leaving examinations.
Deborah Owhin, Founder of Made Equal and a Gender Equality Specialist says: “We are horrified that the world has not galvanized efforts to rescue these girls. It has been 21 days and the faces and names of these girls are still unknown. Why? With this campaign for signatures, we call for an end to the confusion, conflicting facts and silence. The lives of these stolen Chibok girls are equal to the lives of any of us. They deserve equal concern, equal treatment and equal action now. All it takes is for 1 person to sign and then share with 5 other people.” (May 5th 2014)
Boko Haram, an extremist group with links to Al Qaeda that is leading an insurgency against the Nigerian government, have now claimed responsibility for the abductions of the schoolgirls.

The Campaign:

From Monday the 5th of May 2014, Made Equal urges concerned UK citizens to sign a petition pushing for action from our government, and a proper response to this crisis in a fellow Commonwealth country. Made Equal is pushing for signatures to galvanize and convey the strength of the views of the British public on this issue to government.

The campaign hopes to get as many signatures as possible to petition the UK government:
 To ask for clarification on the missing girls and for action to be taken;
For a public statement from the UK government offering support to the Nigerian Government for the safe rescue of the school girls;
To bring unity and consistency to the UK response to terrorism and the use of sexual violence in conflict which targets girls pursuing an education;
 To support the right to the education of girls in Nigeria, conflict regions and throughout the world;
To call for the UK’s support of to our fellow Commonwealth country in response to the crisis in Nigeria.