A few FAQ’s about the Foriegn Commonwealth Global Summit…

The Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) was launched in 2012 by the British Foreign Secretary William Hague. The aim of this initiative is to “strengthen and support international efforts to respond to sexual violence in conflict.” The focus has been on countries such as: Libya, Syria, Bosnia and Herzgovinia, Mali and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Conflict in these countries has meant that rape and sexual violence are pervasive and urgent issues, and access to justice is rarely available. In a speech on the topic, William Hague declared that:

#8220;We are determined to help shatter the culture of impunity for wartime rape, and to rally the world to do more to help survivors. We must overturn the age-old assumptions that rape is somehow an inevitable by-product of conflict; and confront its use in the same way that we have confronted slavery […]#8220;

To date, efforts have mainly focused on working with governments and high level experts. The quote from William Hague, however, acknowledges that in order for there to be long-lasting change, there must be a fundamental culture shift in how rape and sexual violence in conflict is perceived.

In order to facilitate this, the UK will be hosting a Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. This will be held from 10-13 June, at ExCeL London, and will be co-chaired by William Hague and Angelina Jolie, Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

The summit will involve a wide range of people, including: representatives of governments, NGOs and civil society; and legal, military and judicial practitioners. Unlike most high-level summits, participation by civil society is actively encouraged. There is a significant programme of events running alongside the formal meetings, which are directly aimed at promoting public involvement.

According to William Hague, the overall aim of the summit is: “to bring the world to a point of no return, creating irreversible momentum towards ending warzone rape and sexual violence worldwide.” The summit aims to identify specific actions and concrete agreements, focussing particularly on four key areas:

  1. Improving investigations/documentation of sexual violence in conflict;
  2. Providing greater support and assistance and reparation for survivors, including child survivors, of sexual violence;
  3. Ensuring sexual and gender based violence responses and the promotion of gender equality are fully integrated in all peace and security efforts, including security and justice sector reform; and
  4. Improving international strategic co-ordination.

Made Equal is pleased to announce that we will be contributing to the summit. We will have two performance events, as well as a stand at the market. The team will be present so do come and say hello to us. Please check our website for more details about these events closer to the time. 

We are hoping to involved other creatives, writers, poets, actress, actors, producers, photographers, volunteers who may be interested in getting involved in the work. Please email PSVI@Madeequal.org with an expression of interest and one of the team will contact you back. You can also donate via our online giving platform