Currently, Made Equals funds come from individual donations, grants, trust, corporate sponsors and the provision of professional services. Within the next six months, we are applying for support from larger organisations, grant makers, trusts and foundations. Ultimately, we plan to become self-sufficient by 2018 as a result of a variety of income-generating activities and trainings.



We are always looking for passionate individuals who may have spare time to dedicate to good causes, and experience and skills they may want to share. There are many ways you can volunteer for us – from assisting us with conducting research, hosting events, fundraising in your community, raising awareness of our work or day to day administrative task to name a few.


Resource Fundraisers

We are looking for volunteers to develop partnerships with local business, corporates and other social ventures that would be willing to fundraise and/or collect essential in-kind donations for our projects from these sources and local community members.


Corporate Fundraisers

We are looking for volunteers to maximise fundraising opportunities from corporations both in the UK and across the world, mainly through written appeals and face to face meetings. Ideally, you will have a proven track record in fundraising, outstanding interpersonal and communication skills (especially written), and tenacity to meet challenging fundraising targets.


Skilled Volunteers

Are you a graphic designer, an accountant, a filmmaker, an administrator, a blogger, a web developer, a researcher, a dance teacher, a keen specialist, an implementer, a project manager… and interested in sharing your skills and knowledge with us? Then, feel free to contact us and tell us a bit more about yourself.

Please email us at with your CV and a 1 page cover letter explaining the reasons why you either suit the requirements for the above positions or wish to volunteer for us, along with your availability. you will be contacted within 5 working days.

Corporate partnerships

Corporate partnerships make a significant contribution to creating impact to eliminate and prevent all forms of VAWG in multiple ways. Partnerships which involved financial donations, in-kind donations, space and resources, corporate specialist support and employee fundraising campaigns. Learn how you can support us and enhance your brand impact, profile and social responsibility at home and globally.

Please email and let us know your interest.


Company Payroll Giving Schemes or Give As You Earn (GAYE)

You can make a donation to Made Equal straight from your salary, before you pay tax. The benefit for you is that because it comes out before you pay tax, you only pay 80p for every £1 donated. So a £10 donation to Made Equal will only cost you £8. If you are a higher rate tax payer, a donation to Made Equal will cost you even less.

Talk to your payroll department to see if you can contribute to charity via GAYE and the tax man will meet part of your donation. Visit or to find out more.



Please make sure that your fundraising activities abide by the laws and regulations that govern how individuals can fundraise for charities in the country you are based. Both you and Made Equal can be fined if you do not comply with legal regulations.

Please undertake your own risk assessments and make sure you have the relevant insurance, licences or permits required locally.

More information is available at for guidance within England and Wales

By law, Made Equals’ charity number must appear on materials which invite people to participate or help at an event. Please contact us for high resolution copies of our logo